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Information about our company

At LANXIN ENGINEERING, we constantly strive towards enhancing our network in tune with the vast and all-encompassing ideals we base ourselves on. We believe that accessibility is a key cornerstone in the foundation of a resolute and permanent relationship, which will lead our association to the splendid heights we envision.

We are currently stationed in a number of metropolitan sites throughout the country - our corporate office is located at New Delhi, while our other regional offices and warehouses are located at Tamil Nadu, Andhapradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Orissa.

And with every acquisition we make, in terms of our rapidly expanding customer base, as well as our intensifying range of equipment, we aim to reach out to several other sites within the country, to make it even more effortless for you to reach out to us, without the impediment of overwhelming distance and time constraints.

We welcome you to join us as a member of the LANXIN ENGINEERING Family and experience the LANXIN ENGINEERING heritage of unmatched quality and exceptional service, which has formed the root of all our undertakings and will continue to do so for many more years to come!